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USA Roof Masters specializes in commercial metal roofing in the Philadelphia area. With USA Roof Masters, you’re provided years of experience in Commercial Roofing to meet all of your needs, no matter how big the project may be.

First, we come out and inspect the current state of your commercial roof to try and determine if you in fact need partial work done or a new, fully installed roof.

You will then get a custom proposal from us, which will include the repairs necessary to get the roof into a continued maintenance condition. You will also receive a prediction on the longevity of the roof itself and maintenance costs for the entire lifetime of the roof so you can plan for the years ahead.

100% Guaranteed!

The ongoing, steady performance of metal roofing makes it one of the most necessary products in commercial roofing. Our Metal Roofing Installation comes with great levels of energy efficiency with various levels of solar reflectance and emittance depending on the climate’s heating or cooling trends.

Metal roofs are lightweight and rather easy to install/reinstall. They provide protection against extreme weather conditions. With strong corrosion resistance they offer long lasting durability, all of which equals sustainability. Our metal roofs are available in many colors and seam profiles including standing seam, curved, exposed fastener, concealed fastener, suitable for many applications including new and retrofit projects, and any type of commercial or even residential projects!

Whether you have a flat or pitched commercial roofing job, we have experience on all sizes, shapes and slopes.

Our Owens-Corning Architectural Metal Roofing Systems are installed with a lifetime transferable warranty. Ask our rep for more details on the warranty.

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