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USA Roof Masters of Bucks County, PA

Process Overview

Our process is clean and simple. We come and safely remove your existing roof. We will thoroughly inspect your existing roof plywood deck and replace it as needed. USA Roof Masters uses all high quality, name brand materials and brings your roof up to and beyond code with the use of ice and water underlayment to prevent ice damming in the cold, northeast winter months.

Our licensed residential roofing contractors at USA Roof Masters installs a ridge style ventilation system to help heating efficiency in the winter and keeping your house at a cooler temperature during the summer. After the new roof installation is finished, our site managers and foremen will thoroughly inspect your entire property to make sure it is clean. And of course, we also inspect your roof several times over to make sure all installations went as planned. YOUR SATISFACTION IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING TO US!

100% Guaranteed !!!

Our Owens Corning™ roofing system comes with a 30-year, one-time transferable warranty. That’s right! 30 Years! But what does transferable mean? Well, if you sell your home 10 years into your new roof, you can transfer the warranty of the roof to the new owner in which they will have 20 years remaining on the warranty themselves. Cool huh?

It takes more than just shingles to protect your home. It takes an integrated system of components and layers designed to withstand the forces of nature outside while controlling temperature and humidity inside. The Owens Corning™ Total Protection Roofing System™ gives you the assurance that all of your Owens Corning™ roofing components are working together to help increase the performance of your roof – and to enhance the comfort and enjoyment of those who live beneath it.

When you hire USA Roof Masters, a residential roof job will take 1-2 days depending on the size of your roof. The one comment we hear about the work we perform is the rate and quality at which it was done. Customers can’t believe their eyes when we’re just getting started as they leave for work in the morning, and then return home as we’re cleaning up a completed job site.

Without a high-quality roof over your head, you and your family members would be cold (or hot), wet (or frozen), and miserable. Therefore, it goes without saying that your roof has an important job to do, and when it starts to have problems performing that job, you need to take action as soon as possible.

Look no further than USA Roof Masters for all your residential roofing needs! We are committed to providing top-notch, reliable service and going above and beyond to exceed your expectations. Our team has experience with a virtually endless supply of roofing materials, including asphalt shingles, metal, tile, and more, so you can rest assured that your project will be done right the first time, every time!

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We take the time to thoroughly assess each individual job so we can provide our customers with the most accurate pricing estimates. We also back our work with comprehensive warranties, such as our Owens Corning™ 30-year transferable warranty. Plus, our knowledgeable staff is always available to answer any questions and provide helpful advice throughout the entire process.

Our roofing contractors understand that your home is your most significant investment, which is why we strive to deliver impeccable results while ensuring excellent value for money. So let us give you the best in residential roofing services today. Keep reading to learn more about our residential roofing services, or get in touch with us now for a free estimate!

Areas We Serve

We have your roofing needs covered here at USA Roof Masters! Our skilled team specializes in residential roofing repair, replacement, and installation services, as well as many other types of residential and commercial roofing projects. We’re dedicated to offering reliable service at affordable prices, no matter what kind of roof your home has.

We are proud to be the team that Pennsylvania and New Jersey homeowners trust. Our roofing contractors are right in your neighborhood if you’re in Eastern PA, including Bucks and Montgomery County, PA. We also serve Camden County, Burlington County, and Bergen County, NJ, and the surrounding communities. If you call any of these areas home, we’re just a short drive away, so send us a message today, and we’ll be right there!

Residential Roofing Repair Services

Dealing with a leaky roof, cracked shingles, or melting rubber roofing? USA Roof Masters provides residential roofing repair services to help fix any issues you may have with your existing roof. We specialize in finding and fixing roof leaks, as well as any other roofing issues you may be experiencing. Our team of professional roofers will inspect your roof and provide you with a detailed plan for the repair. We offer competitive prices, free estimates, and quality services to restore your roof to perfect condition in no time.

Residential Roofing Replacement Services

Some roofing issues, such as damaged shingles, can be solved with a quick repair job. However, other problems indicate that you need a professional roofer to install new roofing. When you need a brand-new roof for an affordable price, call USA Roof Masters and let us help you pick something perfect for your home and family! We offer a variety of roofing replacement materials, including asphalt shingles, metal roofs, flat roofs, and much more.

Our professional roofers will help you find the right material for your home and walk you through the entire process. Additionally, we offer financing options for all residential roofing services to keep our work affordable. With our quality craftsmanship guarantee, you can rest assured that your new roof will last for years to come!

Emergency Residential Roofing Services

Whether you’re in Bucks or Montgomery County, PA, or Camden County, Burlington County, or Bergen County, NJ, it’s not uncommon to experience extreme weather, especially during the fall and winter months. If a tree branch has created a hole in your roof or you’ve suddenly noticed a leak, we’re always here for emergency residential roofing services. No matter the size of the emergency roofing project, our team of professional roofers is available 24/7 to help. We understand how important it is to have a reliable roofing service that you can count on in an emergency, so we make sure to provide timely and quality services at an affordable price.

Roofing emergencies can often crop up unexpectedly, leaving you scrambling to find a solution. Being aware of the warning signs can help you determine whether your roof is in need of urgent attention from residential roofers. Here are some common indicators that point to an emergency:

Roof leaks can be a source of major headaches for homeowners as they often remain hidden until they’ve already caused considerable damage to the interior spaces of a property. Unfortunately, roof leaks are also tough to detect without the help of experienced roofers, as even the tiniest gaps in flashings or shingles can cause significant amounts of water infiltration. If you notice a leak, things are probably already dire, so don’t wait to call us for emergency repair.

Missing or damaged shingles are one of the most obvious signs that you may have a roofing emergency on your hands. If left unattended, exposed gaps beneath them can allow for serious moisture infiltration, which can quickly lead to structural damage and leakage issues.

Standing pools of water atop your roof are never a good sign. This problem is usually caused by improper drainage due to blocked gutters or poor installation techniques during construction. In any case, it should be addressed immediately since it can spell disaster if not attended to right away.

Rising temperatures and increased humidity levels inside your home can indicate hidden leaks in your roof’s insulation material or other components within the structural system. These problems require urgent attention from experienced professionals.

Rodents, birds, bats, and other critters often seek shelter inside homes with faulty roofs as they provide easy access points into the attic and other crawl spaces. This issue needs to be solved ASAP due to potential health and disease risks posed by animal droppings and other waste materials.

Residential Roofing Maintenance

The best way to protect your roof is with routine preventative maintenance. Booking a yearly inspection with residential roofing contractors will help you save on repair services and prevent emergencies as the years go by. Roof maintenance also gives you peace of mind that a problem won’t suddenly pop up out of nowhere.

Our maintenance work includes but is not limited to inspection, health assessment, material quality assessment, quality testing and research, repair recommendations, and cost-benefit analysis. If you’ve never invested in roofing maintenance, it’s never too late to start. Book an inspection today, and we’ll be there right away to help you protect and preserve your roof.

Roof Care Tips for Homeowners

Devoting a bit of time to DIY roof maintenance can help keep your roof in good shape between professional inspections. Here are a few roofing maintenance tasks that all homeowners should perform regularly:

Standing pools of water atop your roof are never a good sign. This problem is usually caused by improper drainage due to blocked gutters or poor installation techniques during construction. In any case, it should be addressed immediately since it can spell disaster if not attended to right away.

Cleaning your gutters regularly is essential if you want to help your roof’s drainage system perform the job it was designed to do. In addition, make sure to regularly clear away debris on the roof itself, such as dirt, leaves, and branches, whenever possible. Doing so will help prevent any moisture from getting trapped beneath the material, which can cause dangerous mold and mildew buildup.

Trees and shrubs growing too close to your house can cause direct damage to your roofing material during a storm or when branches grow too long and frequently come into contact with the roof. To avoid this issue, trim trees, bushes, and plants back around all sides of your house, especially near vents and chimneys.

When your roof’s caulking wears out or its sealants start cracking and peeling away, it’s important to have these gaps repaired immediately with compatible materials specifically designed for residential roofs (e.g., polyurethane caulk). Having a professional assist with this task will protect against moisture, energy loss, and air drafts.

DIY roofing maintenance can get challenging, so when it does, don’t hesitate to reach out to experienced roofers. Even though some basic tasks may seem straightforward enough to carry out yourself, roof repair is best left up to reliable roofing professionals. Our roofing crew has the right tools, training, and technology for your next project. If you want more information about how we help homeowners maintain their roofs at peak performance levels, don’t hesitate to contact us today!

Why Choose Our Residential Roofing Company?

It’s easy to find a roofing company in the era of the Internet, but not every roofing company holds itself to high standards. Below are just a few of the many reasons why so many NJ and PA homeowners trust us for their residential roofing services!

Experienced & Professional Team

Our residential roofing contractors are the best in the business. We’ve been providing roofing services in the Tri-State Area for years, and we are certified as an Owens Corning™ Platinum Preferred Contractor. We work with both sloped and flat roofs and install asphalt shingles, cedar shake roofing, tile roofing, metal roofing, and many other roofing materials.

30-Year Warranty on New Roofs

Our Owens Corning™ roofing systems and materials come with a 30-year, one-time transferable warranty. That’s right: 30 years! But what does transferable mean? Well, if you sell your home 10 years after you’ve had a roof replacement, you can transfer the roof’s warranty to the new owner, and they’ll have 20 years remaining on the warranty themselves. Cool, huh?

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Top-Shelf Roofing Materials

We never skimp on roofing materials here at USA Roof Masters since we know it takes more than just shingles to protect your home. It takes an integrated system of components and layers designed to withstand the forces of nature outside while controlling temperature and humidity inside. The Owens Corning™ Total Protection Roofing System™ gives you the assurance that all of your Owens Corning™ roofing components are working together to help increase the performance of your roof — and to enhance the comfort and enjoyment of those who live beneath it! Speak with our residential roofing contractors today for a quote.

Satisfaction Guarantee on All Roofing Services

We know that residential roofing services are about more than just providing high-quality roof repair and installation. Roofing services are also about building a relationship with our fellow community members, and that’s why your satisfaction is the most important thing for us! After your roof repair or new roof installation is finished, our residential roofing contractors will thoroughly inspect your entire property to ensure it is clean. And, of course, we’ll also inspect your roof several times over to make sure all installation work went as planned.

FAQs about Residential Roofing Services

Do you have questions about our roofing services? Here are a few common inquiries that our residential roofing contractors receive:

How Long Will My Job Take?

When you hire USA Roof Masters, it’s not uncommon for your residential roof job to take just 1-2 days (depending on the size of your roof). The one comment our roofing company hears most often about our work is amazement about our speedy rates! Customers can’t believe their eyes when we’re just getting started as they leave for work in the morning and then return home as we’re cleaning up a completed job site. To get an estimate for your project, call our roofing company today or contact us via our quick online estimate form.

Do I Need Roof Repair or Roof Replacement?

One of the most common questions that our roofing company receives is, “How do I know if I should repair my roof or invest in a new roof altogether?”

Deciding whether to repair or replace your roof can be a challenging decision. On the one hand, repairing your roof may seem like the most cost-effective option since roof repair is usually less expensive upfront than an entire replacement. However, this isn’t always the case. Every situation is different, and the answer to this question truly depends on the extent of the damage and the age of your roof. For instance, if your roof is over 20 years old, you may find that investing in a new roof provides more protection, adds value to your home, and saves you money on roof repairs in the future.

Consider your options carefully when assessing whether you should repair or replace your roof. Think about factors such as your current roof’s age, how much damage has been done, how energy efficient your current roof is, what kind of materials may be needed for roofing services, and budget constraints. Additionally, take into account how long a roof repair might last, and make sure to notify your roofing company about any old roofing problems that might come back to haunt you in future years.

How Much Do Residential Roofing Services Cost?

While we always strive to make roof repair for homes and commercial buildings affordable, the cost of residential roofing services differs for each homeowner, as no two projects are exactly alike. We consider these and other factors while calculating your roofing estimate:

  • The size of the roof (measured in square feet)
  • Type of material used (e.g., asphalt shingles, metal, tile, etc.)
  • Any additional features, such as skylights or ventilation systems
  • Labor and installation costs
  • Local climate and weather conditions
  • Any necessary repairs or upgrades
  • Removal and disposal of old materials (if applicable)
  • The slope of the roof and the complexity of the project

Roof repair or replacement is more affordable than you might think. To receive a specific quote for your roofing job, give us a call today!

What Roofing Material Should I Choose?

Asphalt shingles, slate roofing, rubber roofing, tile roofing, metal roofs, and other roofing materials — it’s enough to make your head spin! There are countless options to choose from if you’re looking for a quality roof for your home. But which roofing material is the best for your new roof? There are many angles to consider as you decide on the ideal roofing material, and it can be overwhelming trying to make up your mind. The average homeowner doesn’t automatically know if they prefer asphalt shingles, rubber roofs, or metal roofing, so your best choice is to consult our roofing company before you make your selection. While you always have the final say, our experts understand what’s best for your home and roof, so don’t hesitate to come to us for reliable roofing advice!

How Often Should I Book Roof Inspections?

It’s recommended that homeowners have their roofs professionally inspected every 1-3 years, depending on age, climate, exposure to extreme weather conditions, and other factors. This helps ensure potential problems can be spotted early on before they become major issues down the road. Our reliable roofing team is available year-round for inspection work for both residential and commercial properties.

Common Residential Roofing Problems We Solve

Your roof plays a vital role in protecting you from the elements and keeping your family safe. However, roofs don’t last forever, and as mentioned before, regular maintenance is essential for optimal performance. Without proper maintenance, even minor residential roofing problems can become major headaches. Fortunately, understanding common residential roofing problems and being proactive about scheduling residential roofing services can help you keep your home safe and secure for years to come. Below you’ll find some of the most common residential roofing problems that we see.

Weather Damage

One of the most common residential roofing problems is damage caused by weather conditions like extreme heat or cold temperatures, heavy snowfall or rain, high winds, hail storms, and lightning strikes. All of these factors can cause damage to shingles, tiles, and other roofing materials, which can eventually lead to leaks.

That’s why it’s important to call residential roofing experts after any severe weather event. They will help catch any potential issues as quickly as possible before they turn into bigger problems. Even if you don’t suspect that you have a leaking roof, it’s always better to be safe than sorry since your roof is so crucial in protecting the rest of your house. Contact our residential roofing company for an inspection now if you’ve just weathered a big storm!

Poor Roof Ventilation

Yet another common residential roofing issue homeowners may encounter is inadequate attic ventilation. This happens when too much heat builds up in the attic due to a lack of airflow and ventilation through the roofing system. Too much heat can cause your shingles to buckle or curl, leading to faster deterioration of your roofing system.

Poor attic ventilation can also contribute to ice dams forming during cold months, which increases the risk of water leaking into your home. Our reliable roofing contractors will inspect your roof’s ventilation and make necessary recommendations for residential roof repair.

Damaged Asphalt Shingles

Shingle roofs are attractive and durable but aren’t as long-lasting as metal roofing. After a record-breaking rainstorm or significant snowfall, you might end up with damaged shingles. Since shingles help protect against UV exposure and inclement weather conditions, shingle damage should be considered a major roofing concern for homeowners. Asphalt roofing is particularly vulnerable to this problem, although it can happen to cedar shake roofing and clay tile roofs as well.

If you notice patches on your roof with missing granules, spot loose or cracked shingles, or realize that some of your asphalt shingles have fallen off altogether, it’s time to call a professional roofing contractor before further damage occurs from wear and tear later down the line. They will be able to assess the state of your asphalt roof to determine if you need new shingles, emergency roof repairs, or a new roof altogether.

Improper Roof Installation

Another one of the biggest roof issues that occur in both residential and commercial buildings is poor installation quality. This may happen because of inexperienced professionals, or it may result from your previous residential roofing team using inferior materials and techniques that don’t meet industry standards.

Hiring licensed, insured, and reliable roofing contractors who follow all local building codes is essential. Partnering with the right residential roofing company for your roofing needs ensures your new roof will perform at its best without unnecessary risks such as mold growth or future deterioration — plus, it saves you time and money!

Choose our team to renew or replace your roofing system, and you won’t be disappointed. USA Roof Masters always uses the correct waterproof materials and installation standards during every roofing job we do, so you don’t need to worry that your roof leak repair or new roof replacement won’t last for the long haul! From flat roofing and slate roofing to rubber roofing and TPO roofing, we repair and replace it all here.

Energy Inefficiency

Finally, one roofing problem that is common but rarely talked about is inefficiency issues. If your roof is not energy efficient, you will lose heating and cooling power, causing you to spend more on HVAC bills. Your home will also feel much less comfortable. In order to make sure your roof is energy efficient, have us inspect it and provide you with a health report.

Call Our Residential Roofing Contractors Today!

No matter what type of roof you have, it performs an essential task by protecting you and your family from the elements. Invest in reliable roofing, and you’ll be glad you did next time a big storm comes into town!

Rely on USA Roof Masters for your residential roofing installation, repair, or replacement services, and you’ll be amazed every time by the quality and professionalism of our team. To book your roofing service or to get a free estimate, call today or schedule an appointment online. Our residential roofing company will be in touch shortly!

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