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USA Roof Masters of Bucks County, PA

Top-rated Siding Installation Contractors in Bucks County, Pennsylvania

USA Roof Masters offers the highest quality Siding Installation Contractors that have been helping Southeastern, PA  residents for many years.

Siding is a great way to add color and character to your home. There are many options to help you create the perfect façade and our Siding Installation Contractors are here to help you make those hard decisions by providing our expert guidance. While aesthetics are always important, you also want to consider the material’s durability, ability to resist water, ease of installation and versatility. This is where our guidance really helps as we have many years experience with many different products.

Our Siding Installation Contractors offer the following siding options for your home:

  • Vinyl siding
  • Wood siding
  • Brick siding
  • Stucco siding

We look forward to your call and to starting a new project with you!

American Dream™ Edge Siding

Give your home an appealing appearance that’s sure to endure with American Dream™ Edge. With its exclusive WindBracer® wind-lock technology and durable profiles, American Dream Edge ensures that your home will maintain its beautiful, authentic, soft wood texture and finish.

Exterior Portfolio® has significantly enhanced American Dream Edge to make it the best value on the market. Available in Double 4″, Double 4″ Dutchlap, and Double 5″ Dutchlap, there’s an alluring American Dream Edge style to give your home the exact look you want.

  • Available in Double 4”, Double 4” Dutchlap and Double 5” Dutchlap
  • True-grain wood finish features the authentic, soft texture of real wood
  • Thicker designed WindBracer® nailing hem provides 135 mph windload performance
  • SlipStop Lock® system
  • 1/2″ profile edge enhances the beauty and rigidity of each panel
  • .040″ nominal thickness
  • Available in 14 colors
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty

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