Summer Roof Maintenance Tips Every Homeowner Should Know

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Roof repairs are the most costly home improvement jobs for homeowners. The good news is, you can help prevent costly repairs. Getting your roof checked and maintained annually will help keep your roof in good shape. One of the best times of year to get a roof inspected is during the summer. Here are a few important summer roof maintenance tips to consider:

Remove Hanging Tree Limbs on the Roof

Get rid of any tree limbs that are growing close to the roof – this could cause damage to the protective coating of the roof.

Dark Spots and Signs of Leaking on the Ceiling

Have you notice any dark spots or signs of leaking in your ceiling? Don’t ignore the signs by attempting to cover it up with extra coats of paint. Ignoring the signs will only cause the problem to get worse. Investing a few extra dollars on roof maintenance is better than spending money on expensive roof repairs that could have been prevented.  Also, if you have noticed mold or dampness in your attic, you might want to get your roof inspected as well.

Weakened Spots Caused By Pests

Check for weakened spots on your roof, this type of damage is often caused by pests. You don’t want to neglect this step because it can cause direct access into your house for pests. There is nothing more disturbing than discovering a squirrel, raccoon or other unwanted pest has entered your home. Insect infestation is another important thing to check for. If a roof has rotted spots, soft spots or insect feces, these are signs of potential infestation.

Here are a few more important roof maintenance tips to consider:

  • Get your gutters cleaned out during the warm months and during the fall season.
  • Make sure the brackets holding the gutters are in place. Check to see if there are any gaps or breaks within the seams.
  • Check for algae or fungus growth on the roof.
  • Inspect your roof for leaves, debris or ice damage. If you suspect any damage from mother nature, contact us today for an inspection or call 267.332.0197.

Roof maintenance is one aspect of home improvement that is often placed on the back burner. Make sure you hire a professional, to inspect your roof annually. Proper roof inspection will ensure the signs of damage are caught before they amount to costly repairs in the future.

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