7 Tips To Help Prevent Roof Leaks

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A leaky roof doesn’t just cause water damage to a house, it can lead to mold and mildew problems. As a result, you and everyone who lives under your roof is at risk for asthma, inflammation and other serious health issues. In addition, roof leaks can cause an increase in your utility bills. For example, the rainwater from a roof can deplete the insulation and cause cool or hot air to escape. As you can see, a leaky roof should never be ignored. The good news is that you can prevent roof leaks from happening.

Here are a few ways to help prevent roof leaks:

  • Tree branches that are touching or hovering over your roof/gutters should be trimmed.
  • Gutters should be clear from leaves, broken tree branches and other types of debris.
  • Got hanging or loose gutters? Get them replaced or repaired right away. The purpose of a gutter is to prevent water from accumulating on the roof. A clogged gutter will stop the process of allowing water to flow and escape from the roof.
  • If you have any loose bricks, get them reset.
  • Get your chimney caulked. If you have a skylight, get that caulked as well.
  • Houses with attics should have plenty of ventilation and insulation – this will help prevent leaks.
  • Replace missing shingles. If you have patches on your roof with multiple colors, that’s sign your roof has missing shingles. You should also consider replacing loose or cracked shingles.

Unlike the wear and tear of a roof, a leaky roof is actually preventable. With the proper care and maintenance, from a professional roofing company, your roof will help keep your family dry and warm for years to come.

If Your Roof is Leaking Here’s What You Should Do Next…

There is nothing more frustrating than discovering a leak in a roof, especially on a rainy day that you feel like relaxing. When a roof leak happens, you have one of three choices: 1) You can ignore it and hope it goes away, 2) detect the problem and repair it yourself, or 3) hire a professional roofing company. The problem with the first choice is that a leaky roof never goes away, it will only get worse. Secondly, unless you are a trained roofer, you should leave this project to the professionals. Why risk getting injured or make the problem worse? If you are experiencing a leaky roof, the best thing you can do is get it fixed as soon as possible by a licensed professional.

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